Stories of Hope

Working to build bright futures on a foundation of housing, support, and services

The stories of women and children who have come to New Reach and found hope continue to inspire us to keep working every day to support those in our community who are most in need.

Meet Maya

Maya, her mom and two siblings lived with Maya’s grandmother in an apartment in New Haven. When her grandmother’s boyfriend became abusive, Maya’s mom was forced to choose between the safety of her children and a home. She chose to keep her children safe. With nowhere else to turn, Maya and her family entered a New Reach shelter in February.

Maya has found safety and security in shelter.  Her mom has worked with the shelter staff and now has a job and a steady income.  Her family has qualified for a subsidized housing voucher and other benefits, saved enough for a security deposit, and Maya will be moving into her new home this June.

Maya’s story would have a very different ending if not for the critical shelter and case management services provided by New Reach.  The family is safe, in tact, and looking toward a hopeful future.

Meet Natalie

Natalie, 11, and her 9-year-old sister, Alicia, along with their 3 siblings and infant nephew, became homeless when their mom lost her job. These two little girls faced an uncertain future and the possibility of being separated from their mom and from each other. Leaving behind their home and most of their belongings, the girls entered a New Reach shelter with their family.

Alicia and Natalie have found security and stability in shelter. Shelter staff worked with New Haven Public Schools to ensure they stay at the elementary school they have always attended despite the change in their living situation. The shelter after-school program offers a warm and comforting place to get help with homework, work on arts and crafts projects, play with other kids and borrow and read books. They are safe, together, and their mom has found a new job and is saving to move the family to a new apartment.

The sisters’ story would have a much different ending if not for the generosity of people like you. With a safe place to stay and access to the services their family needs, Alicia and Natalie will soon be able to let go of the fear of being separated from their family and look forward to a more hopeful future.

Meet Nicole

Nicole came to a New Reach shelter when she was no longer able to stay with her grandmother. Twenty-two years old with a four-year-old and five months pregnant with twins, Nicole needed more than a place to stay. With her due date looming, Nicole needed a safe place to stay and support services ranging from pre-natal care to housing and vocational planning, and everything in between.

Upon shelter entry, Nicole was connected to a Healthy Start case worker who was able to ensure she received pre-natal care and enroll her daughter in childcare. From there, Nicole and her case worker mapped out a plan for her independence that included employment and education, housing, childcare and healthcare. While it took some time and a lot of hard work, today Nicole is employed full-time as a Certified Nursing Assistant and lives in her own, three-bedroom apartment with her daughter and newborn baby girls. New Reach provided critical, holistic, case management services tailored to Nicole’s specific needs, as well as access to basic necessities like shelter, food, and clothing. After her stay at New Reach, Nicole and her three children are all healthy and safe with a much more hopeful future ahead of them.

Meet Krystal

“When I entered New Reach I was broken and lost. So many people in the homeless system had let me down, but with the help of my Integrated Care Program peer support specialist and case manager I now have my own place, a car, and things I never thought I would have a year ago. Even though life may get tough, this program was the end of being alone.” - Krystal

When they came to New Reach, Krystal and her partner were unemployed and needed help getting off the streets. In addition to housing, Krystal desperately needed to see a doctor. With nowhere else to turn, Krystal found New Reach. Krystal’s peer support specialist and case manager in our Integrated Care Program created a plan that helped her find a safe place to stay and access the healthcare and social security income that she needed. During this time, Krystal’s partner found a job that helped them afford a two-bedroom apartment in New Haven. Krystal’s staff contact at New Reach, a Peer Support Specialist with common personal experiences, offered the coaching and mentorship she needed to improve her life. 

Krystal is in a much better place today, both mentally and financially. Her self-esteem has improved substantially and she is stable. Krystal has consistently kept her doctor’s appointments, which has proven vital in maintaining her health. With the support of New Reach, Krystal and her husband are building a more hopeful future.

Meet Angelica

Angelica, 24, and her two children were staying temporarily with family in New Haven when emotional abuse forced her to seek an immediate remedy so she could remove her children from a potentially damaging situation. Unemployed and out of options, Angelica arrived at a New Reach emergency shelter desperate to find a safe place to stay where she could keep her children Tony, 3, and Sasha, 5.

New Reach provided a critical safety net for Angelica, offering not just a place to live, but the support and services necessary to ensure her independence moving forward. From the security of their private room with access to free necessities like food, clothing, toiletries, and childcare, Angelica worked alongside her case manager to rebuild her life while keeping her family together. While staying in shelter, Angelica secured full-time employment for the first time in her life. She was able to save up a security deposit and first month’s rent, and received a voucher for subsidized housing from the city, making it possible for her to move into her first apartment on her own.

Through the generosity of people like you, Angelica and her children are building a more hopeful future.

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