Legacy & Tax-Wise Giving

For information on any of these options, contact:

Joanne Sciulli, Director of Development

(203) 492-4866 x119

Tax-Wise Giving

Charitable IRA Distributions

If you are age 70 ½ or older, you and your spouse can each direct up to $100,000 from your IRA to charity, without paying federal income tax on the withdrawal. This gift option provides tax savings to donors even if they do not itemize deductions.

  • Gifts can be used to satisfy your required minimum distribution.
  • Instead of taking a charitable income tax deduction or the gift, you can exclude the distribution from your income. 
  • The funds must be transferred directly to the charity—it is important not to withdraw the funds before making a gift.

If you wish to direct your gift to New Reach, please contact your IRA plan administrator and request a direct qualified charitable distribution from your IRA account to New Reach, a 501(c)3 organization.

Give Appreciated Securities

Giving appreciated stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares can be a tax-advantaged way to provide immediate support to New Reach. Gifts of any size benefit people in our community who are experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity. By giving New Reach appreciated securities that you’ve held for more than a year, you receive a double tax benefit:

  • You avoid capital gains tax on the appreciation that would be due upon sale; 
  • You can receive a charitable income tax deduction for the current fair market value of the property—up to 30 percent of adjusted gross income; 
  • You can carry forward any unclaimed portion of the deduction for up to five additional years, subject to the annual limit.  

To find out more or make a gift today:

  1. Contact Joanne Sciulli at (203) 492-4866 x119 or jsciulli@newreach.org for additional information.
  2. Seek the advice of your financial or legal counselor if you have questions about whether the strategies above make sense for you.
  3. If you choose to use one of the strategies outlined above to support New Reach, please use our legal name and federal tax ID:

Name: New Reach, Inc.
Address: 269 Peck Street, New Haven, CT 06513
Federal Tax ID Number: 22-3037451

Types of Planned Gifts


A bequest in your will naming New Reach as a beneficiary is an easy way to support our future efforts to end homelessness and housing insecurity in Connecticut. A bequest can be a gift of cash, securities, or another specified asset. 

Retirement Accounts or Life Insurance

Naming New Reach as a beneficiary of life insurance or a 401(K), 403(B), pension, IRA or other retirement account is a simple way to provide a steady source of shelter and affordable housing to those in need.

Charitable Gift Annuities

In partnership with the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, a charitable gift annuity allows you to arrange a generous gift to New Reach while providing yourself a new income source you can count on for the rest of your life. 
How does it work? You make a gift to the Community Foundation—you can use cash, appreciated stocks, or other assets—and they create a contract that combines annuity payments with a deferred charitable gift. You receive a stream of income that is fixed, regardless of market conditions. You also receive an immediate tax deduction for the charitable portion of your gift. The foundation handles all the administrative details, issuing annuity payments during your life time and, afterward, issuing grants to New Reach in the name of your fund.

Build a Legacy

What difference do you want to make in your community—not just today, but for years and decades to come? How do you want to be remembered?
When you include New Reach in your will or estate plans, you will be welcomed into the New Reach Legacy Society—a group of individuals whose generosity will support some of the most vulnerable families in our community for generations to come. By supporting New Reach in this way, you are ensuring safe, secure housing and enriching the lives of those who need help most.